Veolia is responsible for the wastes decommissioning in Canada by 2024

Veolia’s Nuclear Solutions is to deal with a major remote waste

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories chose Veolia’s subsidiary (Kurion) to decommission the wastes on Whiteshell site.

Kurion will be responsible for:

  • creation
  • manufacturing
  • commissioning.

The procedure will cover both remote wastes and the conditioning system of the location in Manitoba. CNL decided to select Veolia because of its earlier efficiency of the application of the similar methods in the United Kingdom. The contract became a great step for the firm in the market of Canada. In accordance with the contract, the executor should create an integrated efficient solution. Two kinds of waste will be decommissioned:

  • of a low-level type
  • of an intermediate type.

They will be remediated from the standpipes located under the ground and bunkers, which are found on the site. The wastes have demanded to be decommissioned for over ten years. To get rid of the waste, VNS will apply proven high-quality technologies.

The time planned for the project exceeds five years. As the specialists assure, the first 2 years will be spent on the creation as well as manufacturing and commissioning stages. The other 3 or more years will be given to the operation, fixing, and support of the system.

VNS has already experienced lots of challenging tasks. It proves their professionalism and effective solutions.

VNS: general information

The company under consideration is recognized as an international leader in resources management. The offices of the firm are established in many parts of the globe. The number of specialists exceeds 160,000 workers. Among the services offered, there are:

  • energy management
  • nuclear facilities clean-up
  • various waste solutions
  • treatment of the radioactive wastes
  • water resources management, etc.
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Thus, the firm helps people & industries keep developing.

The company unites several facilities:

  • Kurion
  • Alaron
  • Asteralis.

CNL company: general data

CNL’s a firm, which functions for the good of the nation provoking business innovations and technological transfer. It is a nuclear science & technology company. The solutions, which they develop, are safe and innovative thanks to their expertise in metals, biology, engineering, and plenty of other spheres.

The firm is successful and respected for its capabilities, striving for innovations and the development.