Meeting VIP Houston club will be held among the special members of the club

Houston is preparing to welcome guests again: this time they will be hundreds of cargo ship owners who are actively involved in various America Shipper projects throughout the Americas, Canada, Mexico, etc. Due to the weighty role of each of them, a special event will be held, which will last several days. Each of the participants is extremely important in the supply chain, so each guest is invited separately. The goal of the project is to expand the boundaries of opportunities for owners of various projects, developers, owners and managers of oil and gas companies and steel companies, as well as for designers, buyers, etc with the help of Shipside seminars. Among the Bigtopshelters participants, there is Andino Chemical and Diamond Wtg Engineering & Services Inc as well as other well-known companies.

Forecasts in the oil and gas industry: VIP social events

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The international rating agency informs that in connection with the expected slowdown in revenue growth, the forecast of the global oil and gas industry has changed from stable to positive. It is noted that the adjustment was preceded by a significant recovery in profit in 2017.

The outlook has become stable and reflects the likelihood of a slowdown in profit growth for global oil and gas companies in 2018. Experts also expect that conditions will stabilize further, as companies will reduce their production costs in conditions of low oil prices.

The oil-producing countries agreed at the end of 2016 to reduce production but are not yet going to think about the possible extension of these measures. Following the results of the eight months of the OPEC agreement, they announced a price increase – it was at its maximum since March 2017, $56.7 per barrel; and about a reduction in inventories.

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Thus, taking into account the main influencing factors, it can be predicted that the average price for oil in the world market in 2018 will be in the range of 52-60 dollars per barrel. The most significant risks to positive price dynamics can be identified: firstly, the growth of oil production in the US, as well as in some other countries, which can largely neutralize the effect of the agreement on limiting production; secondly, the resumption of production growth in OPEC countries and other participating countries in 2018, i.е. before the expiration of the agreed term of the agreement.

Participation in a VIP club

Every year the company is very active in this business. VIP Houston club always invites participants to expand their capabilities to get more chances to improve the quality level of their products and services. It is quite logical that a high level of involvement of each participant implies a fairly large responsibility. The company invites everyone to consider the available opportunity and choose only the sphere that is most interesting. It is also important that participation in this club is absolutely free for everyone. Most importantly is the compliance with high levels of requirements.

If you want to become a member of this club, you have several excellent opportunities. The website of the company presents all options for citizens of certain countries, and the lists are regularly updated. You can also participate in other events of the company, because the diverse activities of the organization imply a large enough abundance of projects for every taste.

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