Visit Moscow: the capital of the largest empire ever existed in the world

Moscow history

According to historical chronicles, in 1147 Prince Yury Dolgoruky asked one of the member of his family, Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich, to meet in Moscow. The city then was just a little castle hidden in the dense Russian woodland, but that was the time, when the history of one of the biggest Eurasian centers started. During the 12th century, this castle was transformed into a fortress, at the end of the 13th century it has become a developed town and by the 15th century, it assumed the position of the capital of the Russian Empire. 

bridge at night

Moscow city today

Nowadays Moscow with its huge historical and cultural background, magnificent architecture and famous art objects has become a center that determines the world’s development. Visitors from the entire planet come to see Moscow treasures and to dive into the culture of world’s biggest empire capital. Moscow is home to 12.5 million residents, about 5 million more people live in its suburbs, it is the biggest city on the continent. Many foreigners think that living in Russia is extremely cheap compared to the western world, but those times are long gone – Moscow is the 9th most expensive city on the planet. In addition, it is the coldest megacity in the world – so pack a jacket even if your trip is in summer. 


Moscow sights and landscape

The city of Moscow was built on Moskva (Moscow) River and the water body still goes through the capital today. Some of the favorite tourist attractions is Moscow include Saint Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square , Bolshoi Theater, Kremlin, Mausoleum and more. The Russian capital is one of the greenest cities in the world with more than 40 percent of its territory covered in trees and shrubs. Moscow has been the capital of several countries throughout its long history: the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Tsardom of Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and finally, Russian Federation today. Whether you already have plane tickets in hand or just dreaming of a vacation – Moscow is the perfect place to visit for any tourist. 

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