1,140-tonne lift of the plant Vogtle crane is completed by CB&I

The heaviest lift completed by CB&I

CB&I was responsible for the lifting of a huge element for the Power’s Plant Vogtle located in Georgia. The element CA01 was placed for the Unit 3 of the construction. Consider the sizes of the element:

  • weight: 1,140 tonnes
  • height: 70 feet
  • width: 80 feet.

The assembling was carried out on the site in the building of modular assembly. The destination of lifting was a heavy-lift derrick, which was over 550-feet tall. According to the announcement of Georgia Power, this crane was the largest in the world. The element is created out of steel. It was designed to be placed on top of 2 generators of Unit 3. One of the generators was delivered from South Korea.

The crane was one of the final steps in the construction process. Another highlight spot was the placement of Shield Building for Unit 3 to an elevation of 95 feet together with the placement of CA04 element for Unit 4. The latest cost almost 1.5 million pounds.

The opening of the project is planned in phases. Unit 3 is to be the first by the end of 2019. Then should come Unit 4, by 2020. It is vital to mention that such nuclear project will be the first in the USA for 30 years. The amount of electricity produced is planned to provide over 1 million homes with reliable and safe energy.

The plant Vogtle: general information

The company under consideration is directed to the customer services. The main purpose is to provide the power for the population at the moderate prices. The firm is famous for its reliability, high clients’ satisfaction, and dedication to the community. Such a strategy of work allowed them getting a wonderful reputation. They also help the state make the life of the population better.

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Paul Bowers is a chairperson and president of the company. He has been working in the sphere since 1970. The projects with Units 3 and 4 became the latest achievement of the firm. They are believed to have a huge positive impact on the country’s economy. As a result, the rates for the clients should become lower. Besides, the country will have lots of new jobs, which is very relevant for the US.

The construction of the project continues. However, the representatives of the company assure that the result will not just be of the high quality but also safe. All the current information concerning the projects of the company is available on their official website.