Volga-Dnepr will Reduce Loading Time


white and black airplane in mid air during daytimeVolga-Dnepr will Reduce Loading Time
While transporting two generators from France to Nigeria, Volga-Dnepr Airlines used the new loading system which allows to reduce duration of oversize containers loading from 4 hours to 30 minutes.

The 19-ton gas generator and 18-ton diesel generator placed in containers sized 920х260х290 cm were delivered from Châlons-Vatry Airport to Port Harcourt by airplane IL-76TD-90VD.
Application of Wing Lift system implying installation of wheels on standard anchor points and enabling safe winching of a container into the cargo hold by means of aircraft loading system reduces the loading time by more than 85%. This is already the second system of this type purchased by Volga-Dnepr Airlines for handling 20’, 30’ and 40’ containers.
Apart from delivery itself, Volga-Dnepr specialists arranged the cranes for loading-unloading activities in France and Nigeria, as well as the trailer to haul the generators to Châlons-Vatry Airport.
Transportation was requested by GEODIS Industrial Projects UK (logistics services provider) on behalf of a large oil and gas company.
Acting as a recognized expert in the field of equipment transports for the energy industry, Volga-Dnepr offers transport and logistics solutions during delivery of power generation, transmission and distribution gear, as well as components for power plants: valves, heat exchangers and pumps. In this market segment, the airlines have made 1,430 flights as of today and carried over 76,750 tons of cargoes which makes about 7% of the total volume of its transports.

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