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An island named Eleuthera, belonging to the archipelago of Bahamas, is considered the meeting place of two great water flows: the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The best place to enjoy watching this outstanding phenomenon is the bridge, which is named the Glass Window because of its transparency. It’s located in the most narrow place on the island, where any tourist can go to the voyage Bahamas Tula. Its width is only nine meters, and on one side of it there’s a view of the green-blue surface of the Caribbean Sea, and on the other – dark blue waters of the Atlantic. Moreover, the water on different sides of the island differs not only in color: while the Atlantic Ocean’s seething, the light smooth sea surface stays undisturbed.

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Until the late 40s, the two sides – North and South – of the Eleuthera were joined by natural stone but several powerful hurricanes caused its destruction. The new concrete bridge built on this site stood until 1999 before it became a victim of Hurricane Floyd. The ferry was completely destroyed and the communication between the south and the north of the island has interrupted. The bridge was rebuilt only a few months later, and the recipe for how to cope with the elements has not been invented till this day – the repair work on the Glass Window Bridge’s ongoing: workers are annually engaged in strengthening the shoreline and changing the damaged asphalt to a new one.


Tourists need to be very cautious while going across the bridge because the ocean coast’s not protected by reefs and waves sweep so much that they can wash off the bridge not only the person but also the car.

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There’s no public transport on Eleuthera, and taxi services will be expensive: a trip from one end of the island to another will cost about 150-180 dollars, so tourists prefer to rent cars or bicycles. You can rent a car directly at the airport or hotel, the rental price is $ 50-75 per day. It’s important for travelers to remember that the Bahamas have left-hand traffic and operate a speed limit of 45 miles per hour due to poor road conditions.


The Glass Window Bridge’s located in the Bahamas, in the northern part of Eleuthera Island, three kilometers east of the town of Lower Bogue.