Find out about what sites are blocked in China before visiting the country

Private Internet access in China

If you are planning to visit China, it is vital to know more about the Internet access in the country. Private Internet access is different from the other states, while the government uses a special type of servers.

There are certain resources, which are blocked in China. Moreover, you can test them using a special application. There exists a Great Firewall, which is created to control the sites, which are visited by the population. Thus, the government prevents the access to the unwanted resources. There are even particular apps, which are blocked. Consider the applications and sites you cannot access in China by now:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Drive.

Speaking about what is blocked in China, it is important to understand that the sites might be blocked temporarily or permanently. There also exists a periodical ban, for instance, with the case of iTunes and iBooks.

What’s more, there is a number of news websites banned. Among them, there are:

  • Financial Times
  • The Economist
  • New York Times
  • Reuters
  • L’Equipe
  • The Wall Street Journal, etc.

The Android users should also be ready for the fact that Google Play is blocked in China.

How can you deal with the problem?

Considering the situation described above, it is required to think ahead. Many tourists usually use VPN technologies. The latest are virtual private networks, which allow having access to any Internet resources for Chinese football fans, bulk carriers, etc. It is possible because of the rerouting of the traffic outside the country. Thus, you can even access Gmail in China. Nevertheless, it is essential to know that the government has become really strict in the recent years. As a result, the download of VPN applications is impossible in the majority of cases. At the same time, the visitors have a chance to download them before crossing the border of China. Besides, you can always apply Microsoft Servers, which are still allowed in China. Just download the files you desire to apply on Microsoft One Drive. The latest can be used on PC or Mac computers. Besides, it is also allowed applying the mobile version.

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In order to make sure you can use a certain app or site in China just test it with a special resource, for instance, Comparitech. You’ll get the information concerning the regions, where the resource could be banned.