Find out more about why China sent barge to Alaska

China expands its reach: barge to Alaska

Earlier, the media reported on the five ships of the Chinese Navy in neutral waters in the Bering Sea. US are aware of the situation with the Chinese ships and ensure it is not a problem. The Pentagon did not notice any threatening activity on Alaska barge part. It is noteworthy that the Chinese ships approached the US coast exactly at the time when Barack Obama was in Alaska.

Chinese ships have every right to be there, as they are in international neutral waters. China is trying to enlarge its sphere of influence, the sphere of action of its armed forces, primarily, the fleet. China’s now ranked second in terms of GDP all over the planet after the US, it needs to ensure its interests throughout the globe.

white and black boat on sea during daytime

As experts say, a military conflict with the US and China may be possible. It may occur on the territory of the South Sea in China, along which the most important trade routes lie, and through which goods worth five trillion dollars are transported annually. The cause of the war between America and the Celestial Empire can be territorial disputes, which literally seethe in the South China Sea between China on the one hand and the rest of the region: the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei and Indonesia, on another.

China is not seeking to unleash a war, but on the contrary, it wants to secure space. Safety is necessary, first of all, to China itself. 60 percent of oil imports depend on this, the bulk comes from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East through the Indian Ocean and through the South China Sea. That is why China ensures the safety of ways.

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According to experts, in this way, the PRC wants to guarantee stability for itself in any international situation in the area.

China is connected with the United States trade and economic relations, in which the United States is no less interested than China itself. The volume of foreign trade in China with the States last year amounted to about 560 billion dollars, with Russia – only 58 billion dollars. It is unlikely that the United States and China will use the armed forces against each other, but no one excludes their demonstration.

Other news

The US Coast Guard flooded the ship without a crew on board, which hit the coast of Alaska with a tsunami wave that rose after an earthquake in Japan in April 2011, BBC News reported. In order for the ship to sink, it was fired from guns.