Learn how to determine that you need to bleed this trailer

It is not enough to understand what a hydraulic steering is, it is necessary to know what to do in the case of its malfunction. Bleeding hydraulic steering and its bleeding hydraulic systems are carried out with the replacement of working fluid. This can be the result of a malfunction or repair work. How to bleed a hydraulic cylinder on a tractor? Pumping the hydraulic booster must be carried out in strict accordance with the existing technology.

Symptoms of malfunctions in the system

green and yellow tractor in garage

How to bleed hydraulic lines? There are several signs that the system has been activated, in which it is necessary to bleed it. Among them are:

  • the appearance of strong noise in the area of installation of the system
  • increase in pressure on the steering wheel, difficulty in turning it
  • leakage of hydraulic fluid from the power steering system.

In addition, there are several other signs that indicate the air-blast of the system – the appearance of foam on the surface of the working fluid in the expansion tank, spontaneous turning of the steering wheel to one side. If you encounter at least one of the signs described, then you need to pump the power steering – read the article on hyd steering to make it right.

Typical malfunctions of hyd steering system

Before you understand how to bleed hydraulic system on the tractor, it is easy to identify the malfunctions in the operation of the hydraulic booster by characteristic appearances. Among them are:

  • the steering wheel turns hard
  • with the steering wheel turned all the way to the end (in either direction), a high-frequency sound (similar to a whistle) is heard during the ride
  • steering wheel turns in jerks
  • the presence of intense foaming in the expansion tank
  • with the engine running, the steering wheel spontaneously rotates in either direction.
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Hydraulic bleed is an uncomplicated procedure that even an inexperienced car owner can cope with. For hydraulics steering systems, it is essential to use the working fluid with the manufacturer’s recommended characteristics. When the slightest signs of a failure of the system appear, it is necessary to conduct preventive procedures. Otherwise, steering components on a semi-trailer can fail, which threatens not only with repair but also with the loss of control over the car on the road.