Wilmington NC port authority management and the US Senate

Red congressmen in NC

Congressman – Republican Bill Shuster represents his constituency since 2001. He is a member of two committees of the House of Representatives.

In essence, the US Congress and Senate are components of one whole. Congress is considered the highest legislative body in the United States of America. Together with the executive represented by the President of the United States and the judiciary, which is represented by the US Supreme Court, they constitute the three branches of government of the federal government of the country. Its history began in 1774, but the first modern-type parliament, which included two chambers, was created later.

The US Congress consists of two chambers – the Senate (Upper Chamber) and the House of Representatives (Lower House). Analogies with the Upper and Lower Chambers of Congress can be drawn by comparing them with the Russian State Duma and the Federal Assembly. The Senate is obliged to provide in its composition an equal representation of all US states. The House of Representatives assumes representation in proportion to the population in the states of the country. The US Senate is chaired by a Vice President.

More recently, Schuster secured an allocation of $ 3.4 million from the US state budget for the construction of a large highway junction, and also assisted in the construction of two large railway terminals to ease traffic and reduce traffic jams on the roads running through the county. Fostering the growth of a “home” economy, Schuster often collaborates with local municipalities, as well as with the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Information about the locality

The city in which the North Carolina state port authority is located is the center of Cape Fir – the southeastern region of the state, which in addition to the county of New Hanover also includes Branzuik and Pender counties. The population of the agglomeration in 2008 was 347,012 people and Wilmington NC port jobs are the important part of infrastructure.

Until 1961, the city had the headquarters of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad company.

In the eastern part of the city, there are 4 miles of Wrightsville Beach of the Wilmington NC port authority. This place is known for its yacht club formed in 1853. It is the second oldest yacht club in America. There are a good coastline, suitable for both surfing and relaxing swimming (due to the different relief of the bottom), as well as numerous bridges for fishing on the bait.