Mammoet transports the 88.4-meter blade with their wind turbine transport vehicles

The longest of all the existing wind turbine propellers in the world was transported by the Mammoet firm in the summer of 2016 from Lunderskov to Aalborg.

The blade was manufactured by LM Wind Power. The wind turbine blade size was really impressive:

  • length: over 88 meters
  • height: over 4 meters.

There are no windmill blades of such size that have ever been transported. For the transportation, the component was loaded on the truck. The essential thing for successfully transporting wind turbines was careful and detailed planning. The preparations started a year before the wind turbine transportation.

The first step was the route survey. It was first based on the drawing of the over-sized windmill blade. Besides, the size of wind turbine blade was increased during the survey process. It became larger in length and height, which provoked certain problems. The transport unit adjustment was required to solve the issue. The wind turbines transportation required the changes of:

  • the road signs location (in order to let the wind blade go past them)
  • the guardrails/barriers displacement
  • the removal of several trees, etc.

The changes were approved by all the parties:

  • the local officials
  • the police
  • the Danish road officials.

The operation was successful and safe thanks to the cooperation of all the parties. Preparing for the wind turbine blade transport the parties met and discussed all the issues concerning the operation. During the meetings, they also observed possible methods and time required to transport the wind turbine. According to the words of Alex Wagner (the Mammoet’s Manager of Transport & Engineering), despite the height and length of the windmill, the transport was completed even faster than planned. As the representative from Wind Power said, the transportation was smooth because of the incredible teamwork.

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Such wind turbine transport became a really legendary cooperation for Wind Power and the Mammoet firm.

The Mammoet company: general data

Mammoet is a well-known transportation company with the great experience and facilities. It transports the equipment and construction components of various dimensions (including the wind turbine blades). The firm works with complex transportations including over-sized and heavyweight elements. They work with different weather conditions and make delivery to the remote areas.

Mammoet was created in 1807. Today they work in various spheres:

  • off-shore
  • power generation
  • mining and petrochemical
  • civil engineering, etc.

The company offers many services including transportation, lifting, installation, and construction.

The Mammoet’s dedication to work and the highest standards of safety make them a reliable partner for the completion of difficult operations. They were selected among many companies for the complicated wind turbine transportation because of their professionalism.

Wind Power: information about the company

Wind Power started its way as a furniture factory. During its history, the fabrics used were changing. The shift to the wind turbines happened only in 1978 with the creation of the first blade. From this point, the development of LM Wind Power began.

Today the company applies advanced materials to manufacture high-quality products. Their blades are the motors for the windmills, which help extract the maximum amount of energy. Understanding the principles of the wind energy, they create great equipment preserving the leading position on the market.

Wind Power produces various types of the blades in terms of capacity (from 1.5 to 6 MW), length, and height. They make both onshore and offshore components understanding the needs of the customers. Besides, the firm offers servicing and maintenance of their products.

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