Benchmark transport & its features, advantages & disadvantages

Benchmark transport is used for more than a decade to make logistics and delivery for electrical turbine blades. For the first time, such constructions began to be exploited when the humanity curbed the power of nature & began to build windmills. Today, turbine-type wind turbines of the third generation are used for electrical power obtaining. The designs are getting more & more unusual in recent times.

gray and white windmill

When running small wind turbines, their electricity may not be enough to solve current problems. Therefore, the so-called hybrid power plants were invented, which include diesel generators and solar batteries, considering the purpose of the specific wind farm.

The blades are a part of the wind turbine, which directly contacts the air masses and begins to rotate under their friction. Transmission is a device used to mechanically connect a low-speed shaft to a high-speed shaft. Generator creates the electric energy with alternating current that is called industrial frequency.

The tower is the “frame” of the wind farm. The higher it is, the more wind energy the blades can “grab”. Brake is used to stop the rotor when critical speeds occur.

Weathervane is a device for determining the direction of the wind. It sends the received data to the controller. Controller is a control device. It starts the wind turbine when the working wind speed appears and turns it off at high speed, which can damage the working mechanisms.

Advantages of turbines

The modern wind turbine has the following advantages in comparison with its predecessors:

  • can work at high wind speed. Modern type turbines function when wind currents move above critical values (25-60 m/s).
  • does not create infrasonic waves. This drawback was possessed by wind turbines of previous generations
  • simple installation. The basis of the design is created in production. On-site, separate elements are installed & the gondola is mounted on the mast
  • application of innovative materials. They not only increase the service life of the wind turbine but also ensure ease of installation
  • wind turbines are mainly installed along the sea & ocean coasts or directly on the water. This approach allows achieving almost year-round operation of the turbine.
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