Wolfe house movers and house moving services

About the Wolfe house movers company

The company Wolfe house and Building Movers successfully transports houses. Not so long ago, another house was transported in Illinois. How easy and popular is it for house movers Illinois? Learn more!

About the process

Today, moving the house from one place to another is quite real. The main thing is to perform such a difficult job by only experienced professionals. Ones from Wolfe building movers use the right equipment for that.

You can transport at home in various ways. For example, transportation of country houses is widespread abroad: firstly, transporting a whole house to a new place is much cheaper than building a house in Chicago. Secondly, it saves time.

Today, there are three ways to transport a whole building:

  • transportation of the building in parts. The house is simply cut into separate parts and transported separately. Then they are connected again
  • “element-by-element” transportation of the house. This method is perhaps the costlier, not only in time but also in energy resources. The house is broken down into separate elements (bricks, wooden bars, etc.). Each separated part must be numbered and a new special project of the structure is compiled. It takes a lot of time. At the end, the house is re-assembled according to the plan
  • carriage of the house entirely is considered the best. Specialists cut the building from its foundation, transport it to the right place, where a new foundation has already been prepared.
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Transportation of houses and its algorithm

Transportation of houses is most common in the United States. This is characterized by the fact that the majority of the population lives in private buildings. Therefore, the demand for transporting houses is rather high.

The methods of transporting houses are regularly improved and changed. The main task is to transport the building so as not to violate its integrity. First of all, the building is cut off from the foundation. Further, it is fixed with steel transverse or longitudinal I-beams. Sometimes beams that weigh more than 3 tons are used. In order for these beams (I-beams) to be well-fixed, special holes are made in the base of the house. After that, the building needs to be raised. Therefore, hydraulic presses are placed under the foundation of the house.

To avoid the destruction of the house, the walls inside are fixed with high-strength cables.

For a transport company dealing with this transportation professionally, it is possible not only to transport a country house but also houses made of wood, bricks, concrete.