Construction work with M-CO trailers

Nooteboom provides specialized M-CO trailers for a variety of construction jobs. For example, you need to transport and load scrap metal, then you will need a scrapper for this. Such models (including, for example, MCO 1510) can be hydraulic.

In general, a hydraulic loader, also called a hydraulic forklift, can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, during construction, in industry, etc. Another plus of this equipment is that it can lift and move loads of rather large weight.

freight truck on highway

The sale of forklifts is one of the main directions of the company’s professional activity, which offers an extensive range of products. There are front and hydraulic loaders, as well as a number of other specialized equipment – dump trucks, cranes, and excavators. In any case, when carrying out road construction work, one cannot do without special equipment. You can buy everything you need from this supplier.

Also, during the operation of special vehicles, you may need to repair road construction equipment. In this situation, Nooteboom will also help you. Never try to do repair work yourself, if you’ve never had a deal with it or have only a vague idea of what and how to do. It is better to entrust this matter to a specialist who knows exactly how to “cure” your car so that it will work for a long time.


Hydraulic engineering has a solid construction with a large number of steel parts, especially at critical points of application of the load, which provides a longer service life.

The reinforced base, strong forks of thick C-shaped steel profile, transverse mast beams, stamped steel elements of lifting levers and pushers with box section – all these elements increase the service life of cars.

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In addition, the hydraulic technology is protected against corrosion through the use of galvanized pins and shafts, as well as chrome-plated pistons.

High-quality bearings and other components in the design of control and support wheels provide low rolling resistance.

The hydraulic drive, like all the company’s loaders, ensures a high long-term profitability.

To reduce the amount of maintenance, the company also applies the following solutions:

  • self-lubricating bushings
  • easily replaceable pump valve sleeve
  • spring retaining rings for connecting the pushers with the lever hoist.