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OAO UralKhimMash won a tender to manufacture and supply petrochemical equipment for OAO TANECO. The ordering party for equipment is AO Tatneft. This equipment is intended for the petrochemical complex in Nizhnekamsk.

As per the won tender, the plant shall manufacture four units of column equipment: heavy aromatic column 2200-С-0003 weighing 24.9 tons, 1,400 mm in diameter, 29.5 meters high; xylene column 2200-С-0002 weighing more than 192 tons, 4,200 mm in diameter, over 55 meters high; reformate splitter 2200-С-0001 weighing 58.25 tons, with a variable diameter of 2,800/2,300 mm and 37.5 meters high; debutaniser 2100-С-0001 weighing 25 tons, with a variable diameter of 2,200 /1,700 /1,100 mm and 24.2 meters high.

Apart from the column equipment, the plant shall fabricate two reactors 2200-R-0001 A/B, each weighing 24 tons, measuring 2,400 mm in diameter and 8.6 meters in height.

Timeframe for the ready equipment delivery is the 4th quarter of 2013 – 1st quarter of 2014.

OAO UralKhimMash has a proven cooperation experience with OAO TANECO: seven 600 m3 spherical tanks were supplied in 2009; in that very year, the plant supplied about 50 bends of various modifications made from high-alloy steels of austenite class and heat-resistant low-alloy steels; in 2011, three sour water strippers and three regenerators were shipped together with ancillary equipment, in 2012 – five sets of reactor equipment and a stripper.

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