Learn about yacht transportation by CMA CGM Houston

Features of the CMA CGM Houston transportation of yachts and boats

One of the most popular types of CMA logistics water recreation is the “walk” on a yacht or boat, but most of the firms that provide similar equipment are located in foreign countries, which is why boats and yachts need to be transported by CMA CGM sailing from one place to another.

The same applies to the owners of this technology, who cannot swim to the desired location by water and “get out” to the land, for example, in CMA China. Immediately the question arises: how to transport a yacht or boat by land? Today, there are companies on the market that are engaged in the transportation of such equipment, providing the necessary conditions and all the guarantees.

cargo ship on dock during daytime

Most of all, this question worries people who take part in various competitions or contests and also travel a lot around the world. In addition, you may need the service of delivery of the boat to the place of service or winter parking.

It is worth noting immediately that the transportation of boats and yachts is a rather complicated process, it will not be possible to do it by yourself, since special equipment is needed for transportation, for example, a platform or low loader-trailer. Such a cargo must be delivered delicately and accurately, which is why professionals are needed.

Features of transportation

Firstly, since the cargo has protruding elements, it can be loaded exclusively on ground transportation.

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Secondly, due to the size of the cargo, it has a rather fragile “structure” in the areas of contact of the vessel with the transport platform. The hull of the yacht is made for smooth movement through the water, so during transportation special fasteners or belts are used.

Thirdly, such a vessel will have low vertical stability. Therefore, it is necessary to insert beams for transportation between the trailer and it.

Fourth, small parts may be damaged during transportation.

Fifth, this cargo is quite valuable, so specialists and professionals should work with it, and they can be found only in an experienced company but not on your own.

Company’s functions


Any moving company should use low side trailers. The equipment should have supports, which will help keep the keel part between the two beams of the trawl, which helps reduce the height of the vessel.

In order to bring the ship in integrity, safety and in its original form, it is necessary to use specific fasteners “keel blocks”, latches, chains and so on.

That is why it is necessary to give preference to professional transport instead of self.