Yara International is to launch the first self-sailing cargo ship by 2019

An innovative solution for cargo handling

Yara International plans to release its first self-sailing electric ship by 2019. Such an innovative solution is created together with the partner of the company Kongsberg. The prototype of the ship is said to have a range of 65 nautical miles and the highest speed of 15 knots. At the same time, the full operation of such a vessel is scheduled for 2020.

The ship under discussion will be fully autonomous working on the battery. As a result, the manufacturer wants to decrease the amount of emission and noise. Besides, it allows transferring the shipment operations from the road to water making the local roads safer, while reducing the emissions of NOx and CO2. As for the nowadays situation, the vehicles are widely used to transport various products form Yara’s plant to the ports, which are situated in Brevik & Larvik for the further shipment to different parts of the world.

As the specialists hope, the new vessel will save over 35,000 van journeys per year and help decrease the CO2 emissions by almost 680 tonnes. The latest is a great advantage for the environment.

Yara International: general information

blue and red cargo ship on sea during daytime

Yara International is known as a leading fertilizer company, which works in various parts of the world. It was established in 1905 and was known first as Norsk Hydro. In 2004, the company changed its name to Yara. The specialists of the firm create different environmental solutions in order to fight against global problems. Their work allows reaching positive changes. Yara deals with the following challenges:

  • limited farmland
  • food storage
  • air pollution.
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With their contribution, global food security is achieved, while the profit of the farmers continues to grow. Another advantage is the decrease in NOx emissions by 1.4 million tonnes in 2016.

Their contribution allows avoiding the destruction of forests, starvation, loss of livelihoods, etc. As for their environmental solutions, they work to reduce the emissions caused by automotive and ship transport as well as various industries.

The company cooperates with other firms in order to increase the concern of people about the planet. Yara is sure that the society should be collaborative and the planet – respected. As a result, they add to the improvement of products quality and the lives of people.

More information concerning Yara International and their innovative work is available on their website.