1,500 Tons for Yuzhnouralskaya GRES

white and gray industrial machine

On June 19, the team of OAO Sea Port of Saint Petersburg together with experts of OOO Universal Forwarder (UF) reloaded the components of Siemens power unit for Yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2 in Chelyabinsk Oblast.

Overall weight of the consignment reached 1,500 tons. Demag floating crane with the lifting capacity of 350 tons was used for load-out of the heaviest items (308 and 341 tons). The remaining batch components were handled by gantry cranes.

The heavy lift was delivered to the port jetty No. 23 by a specialized BBC line vessel. In order to store the batch of equipment, UF experts installed a special steel structure allowing even load distribution on the jetty.

Delivery of the cargo to construction site is scheduled for the end of July – early August, 2013. Yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2 forms a part of OAO OGK-3. ZAO AtomStroyExport (General Contractor of power plant construction) is the buyer of the power unit.

Also in June, ZiO-Podolsk machine building plant (part of machine building division Rosatom – AtomEnergoMash) shipped an HP superheater (PVD-6) and two intermediate superheaters (PP-21 and PP-22) for Yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2. The equipment is intended for the second power generation unit of the plant. Total weight of shipped equipment made 143 tons.

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